Few years ago I started a blog but I was so afraid to write because I’m not a native English speaker. In the mean time I read so many articles and listened so many podcasts and webinars which gave me encouragement to start writing again and find my little place on internet.

I must admit that I spend a lot’s of time on internet and there are so many things to see, explore and learn but I want to change that habit of searching and offer my knowledge.

I love to talk (sometimes toooo much…. correction … often too much ), love to teach (can’t escape from my calling as a history teacher) I love to explore (can’t escape from my other calling as an archeologist) and I have something to say and to teach 🙂

I must say that as a mom of three little children cannot commit to write a post every Friday or other day in the week but I can commit to write a post when I have something to say or teach. So come often to check this blog 🙂

This is why I started a blog!

I love to crochet ( and other creative stuff too) and you can expect crochet tutorials for beginners, new crochet designs, free patterns, free pintables, tips and tricks how to manage your yarn or wip crochet projects and a lot more.

I want to convey to you love for crochet or other creative things so you can pass it to your children, grandchildren or a friend and to encourage you to explore, create and enjoy in new skills. With new skills you can find new community and make some remarkable friendships.

So my mission is not to be one drop in the ocean; I want to be island where you can come to rest while you drinking morning coffee or you want to find inspiration and encouragement for that day.

I hope you will take this ride with me because it’s not fun to be alone… Right? 🙂

Till next time enjoy every day in your family


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